# Install injectived

injectived is the command-line interface and daemon that connects to Injective and enables you to interact with the Injective blockchain. Injective core is the official Golang reference implementation of the Injective node software.

# Requirements

  • Golang v1.16.1 - go1.17.1 linux/amd64
  • Ensure your GOPATH and GOBIN environment variables are set up correctly.
  • Linux users: install build-essential.
  • 8-core (4 physical core), x86_64 architecture processor
  • 32 GB RAM (or equivalent swap file set up)
  • 1 TB of storage space

# Option 1: From binary

The easiest way to install injectived and Injective core is by downloading a pre-built binary for your operating system. Download the Injective Chain Staking-40021-1652947015 binaries from the official injective-chain-releases.

Copy wget https://github.com/InjectiveLabs/injective-chain-releases/releases/download/v0.4.19-1652947015/linux-amd64.zip

This zip file will contain three binaries and a virtual machine:

  • injectived - the Injective Chain daemon
  • peggo - the Injective Chain ERC-20 bridge relayer daemon
  • injective-exchange - the Injective Exchange daemon
  • libwasmvm.x86_64.so - the wasm virtual machine which is needed to execute smart contracts.

Unzip and add injectived, injective-exchange and peggo to your /usr/bin. Also add libwasmvm.x86_64.so to user library path /usr/lib.

Copy unzip linux-amd64.zip sudo mv injectived peggo injective-exchange /usr/bin sudo mv libwasmvm.x86_64.so /usr/lib

Check your binary version by running following commands.

Copy injectived version peggo version injective-exchange version

Confirm your version matches the output below

Copy injectived version Version dev (f32e524) peggo version Version dev (b5c188c) injective-exchange version Version dev (ca1da5e)

# Option 2: From source

Note: you will only install injectived but not injective-exchange, peggo or libwasmvm.x86_64.so using this option.

# Get the Injective core source code

Use git to retrieve Injective core (opens new window).

Clone the injective repo:

Copy git clone https://github.com/InjectiveLabs/injective-core

# Build Injective core from source

Build Injective core, and install the injectived executable to your GOPATH environment variable.

Copy cd injective-core make install

# Verify your Injective core installation

Verify that Injective core is installed correctly.

Copy injectived version