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Developer Resources

Developer Tools and Resources

Developer tools and resources to get you building on Injective

CosmovisorSmall process manager around Cosmos SDK binaries that monitors the governance module
Injective 101One-stop-shop for Injective resources
InjectivedCommand-line interface and node daemon that connects to Injective
Injective ExplorerAnalytics platform that enables anyone to search addresses, trades, tokens, transactions, and other activities on Injective
Injective LocalInjective testnet and ecosystem containerized with Docker and orchestrated with a simple docker-compose file.
Injective REST APISwagger API explorer
Injective TypeScript SDKTypeScript monorepo that contains packages which can be used to interact with Injective from a Node.js or browser environments
Injective Python and Go SDKDetailed API documentation for interacting with Injective via P
Real-time Status (Mainnet)Real-time status of the endpoints and of the Injective network
Real-time Status (Testnet)Real-time status of the endpoints and of the Injective testnet network

Ecosystem Tools and Resources

Tools and resources developed by ecosystem developers and partners

DesigMulti-party computation (MPC) multisig solution
DiscoverINJUI smart contract query / execute
The GraphSubstreams for extracting data from the Injective blockchain.
NewMetricCustom, high-performance RPC nodes
NotifiReceive notifications for the latest chain updates, ecosystem developments, market insights, and more via Notifi
PythPrice feed oracles and market data
StarshipUnified development environment that allows Cosmos developers to spin up a fully simulated mini-cosmos ecosystem and write end-to-end test cases
SubQueryOpen-source data indexer providing custom APIs
SynternetSubscribe or publish real-time live data stream
WormholeCross-chain messaging protocol

Helpful Repos

Helpful repositories for developing on and integrating Injective

CosmWasm101Guide to match the CosmWasm 101 presentation for the 2023 Injective Global Hackathon
cw20-adapterContract that allows exchanging CW-20 tokens for Injective-chain issued native tokens (using the TokenFactory module) and vice-versa
cw-injectivePackages that can be used to integrate CosmWasm with Injective
injective-ts-examplesHelpful repo to get started building on the injective-ts library
injective-uiCollection of UI packages to ease development on Injective
swap-contractOpen source atomic token swap contract that showcasing an instant swap between two different tokens
test-tubeGeneric library for building testing environments for CosmWasm smart contracts

Developer Support

Find developer support on Discord or Telegram

  1. Join the Injective Discord server and find the relevant channel.
  2. Join the Injective Developer Telegram channel.

Public Endpoints

For a list of public endpoints see here.

Private / Dedicated Node Services

For a full list of private node services see here.