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Trading on Injective


For more information, please refer to the Injective Trading Docs and Trading API Docs.

Market makers and API traders are encouraged to interact with Injective via the Python and/or Go client SDKs.

Injective marks the forefront of exchange-focused layer-1 blockchains offering decentralized perpetual swaps, futures, and spot trading. It fully taps into the possibilities of decentralized derivatives and borderless DeFi. Every component is designed to embody complete trustlessness, resistance to censorship, public verifiability, and resilience against front-running.

Injective enables traders to create and trade arbitrary spot and derivatives markets. Injective also enables on-chain limit orderbook management, on-chain trade execution, on-chain order matching, on-chain transaction settlement, and on-chain trading incentive distribution through the logic codified by the Injective Chain's Exchange Module.