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Developer resources

Public endpoints

Developer tools

InjectivedCommand-line interface and node daemon that connects to Injective
Injective TypeScriptTypeScript monorepo that contains packages which can be used to interact with Injective from a Node.js or browser environments.
Injective LocalIs an Injective testnet and ecosystem containerized with Docker and orchestrated with a simple docker-compose file.
CosmovisorSmall process manager around Cosmos SDK binaries that monitors the governance module
Injective REST API SpecSwagger API explorer
Injective ExplorerThe analytics platform that enables anyone to search addresses, trades, tokens, transactions, and other activities on the Injective
MintscanCosmos explorer powered by Cosmostation

Developer support

Find developer support on Discord.

1 - Join the Injective Discord server

2 - Find your section under the support group.