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Injective TypeScript

injective-ts is a TypeScript monorepo that contains packages which can be used to interact with Injective from a Node.js or browser environments, as well as providing simple abstractions over core data structures, serialization, key management, API request generation, and more. The packages can be found in the packages folder and each package is a npm module that is published on the npm registry.

🔧 Github Repo

🔧 TS SDK Repo

🔧 TS SDK Examples Repo

Getting StartedGetting started developing dApps on Injective
WalletsWallet integrations and usage
QueryingQuerying data from the chain or API
TransactionsPreparing, signing, and broadcasting transactions
Core ModulesInjective Modules and transaction examples
ContractsContract execution and querying
BridgeBridges to and from Injective
NetworksDifferent networks / environments on Injective
Building a DEXExample building a DEX on Injective