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Data stored about each contract

type RegisteredContract struct {
// limit of gas per BB execution
GasLimit uint64 json:"gas_limit,omitempty"
// gas price that contract is willing to pay for execution in BeginBlocker
GasPrice uint64 json:"gas_price,omitempty"
// is contract currently active
IsExecutable bool json:"is_executable,omitempty"
// code_id that is allowed to be executed (to prevent malicious updates) - if nil/0 any code_id can be executed
CodeId uint64 json:"code_id,omitempty"ł
// optional - admin addr that is allowed to update contract data
AdminAddress string json:"admin_address,omitempty"
// address of an account providing grant for execution
GranterAddress string
// enum indicating how contract's execution is funded
FundMode FundingMode

type FundingMode int32

const (
FundingMode_Unspecified FundingMode = 0
FundingMode_SelfFunded FundingMode = 1
FundingMode_GrantOnly FundingMode = 2
FundingMode_Dual FundingMode = 3