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x/evidence is an implementation of a Cosmos SDK module, per ADR 009, that allows for the submission and handling of arbitrary evidence of misbehavior such as equivocation and counterfactual signing.

The evidence module differs from standard evidence handling which typically expects the underlying consensus engine, e.g. Tendermint, to automatically submit evidence when it is discovered by allowing clients and foreign chains to submit more complex evidence directly.

All concrete evidence types must implement the Evidence interface contract. Submitted Evidence is first routed through the evidence module's Router in which it attempts to find a corresponding registered Handler for that specific Evidence type. Each Evidence type must have a Handler registered with the evidence module's keeper in order for it to be successfully routed and executed.

Each corresponding handler must also fulfill the Handler interface contract. The Handler for a given Evidence type can perform any arbitrary state transitions such as slashing, jailing, and tombstoning.


  1. Concepts
  2. State
  3. Messages
  4. Events
  5. Params
  6. BeginBlock