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Native Token Launch on Injective

To launch a token on Injective, you can do so via TokenStation, DojoSwap or via the injectived CLI.

1. TokenStation

The TokenStation web app provides you the ability to create and manage tokens seamlessly, creating a market on Injective's native orderbook, launching an airdrop, and much more.

2. DojoSwap

Similar to above, you can utilize DojoSwap's Market Creation module to create, manage, and list your token, along with several other useful features.

3. CLI

1. Download injectived

Download the Injective binaries here.

2. Create a key

injectived keys add gov

The commands below refer to testnet. In order to use mainnet, make the following changes to all commands:

injective-888 > injective-1 >

3. Create a tokenfactory denom

injectived tx tokenfactory create-denom ak --from=gov --chain-id=injective-888 --node= --gas-prices=500000000inj --gas 1000000
  1. In order to create a tokenfactory denom, you must pay 0.1 INJ.
  2. Tokens are namespaced by the creator address to be permissionless and avoid name collision. In the example above, the subdenom is ak but the denom naming will be factory/{creator address}/{subdenom}.

4. Submit token metadata

By submitting the token metadata, your token will be visible on Injective dApps.

injectived tx tokenfactory set-denom-metadata "My Token Description" 'factory/inj17vytdwqczqz72j65saukplrktd4gyfme5agf6c/ak' AKK AKCoin AK '[
]' --from=gov --chain-id=injective-888 --node= --gas-prices=500000000inj --gas 1000000

This command expects the following arguments:

injectived tx tokenfactory set-denom-metadata [description] [base] [display] [name] [symbol] [denom-unit (json)]

5. Mint tokens

injectived tx tokenfactory mint 1000000factory/inj17vytdwqczqz72j65saukplrktd4gyfme5agf6c/ak --from=gov --chain-id=injective-888 --node= --gas-prices=500000000inj --gas 1000000

This command will mint 1 token, assuming your token has 6 decimals. Normally, ERC-20 tokens have 18 decimals and native Cosmos tokens have 6 decimals.

6. Burn tokens

injectived tx tokenfactory burn 1000000factory/inj17vytdwqczqz72j65saukplrktd4gyfme5agf6c/ak --from=gov --chain-id=injective-888 --node= --gas-prices=500000000inj --gas 1000000

This command will burn 1 token.

7. Change admin

injectived tx tokenfactory change-admin factory/inj17vytdwqczqz72j65saukplrktd4gyfme5agf6c/ak NEW_ADDRESS --from=gov --chain-id=injective-888 --node= --gas-prices=500000000inj --gas 1000000

This command will change the admin address, the new admin can mint, burn or change token metadata.