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Injective Canonical Chain Upgrade Instructions

Nov 8th, 2021

The following document describes the necessary steps involved that validators and full node operators must take in order to upgrade from the Injective Canary Chain to the Canonical Chain. The upgrade will take place via an on-chain software upgrade proposal passed by the Injective Chain governance. If passed, this proposal would commit the Injective Mainnet to halting the Canary Chain injectived application binary at approximately 14:00 UTC on Nov 8th and starting the application binary for the Injective Canonical Chain.

Injective Canary Chain to the Canonical Chain upgrade follows proposal #65

Following a chain upgrade timeline, as a first step proccedd to Canonical chain release 10002-rc1 upgrade.

The History of Canonical Chain Upgrades

Version 10002-rc1

Nov 8th 2021 14:00 UTC

Block number: 4,352,000

Released Artifacts: Injective Chain 10002-rc1 release

Following proposal #65

Version 10002-rc2

November 15th 2021

Block number: 4,594,100

Released Artifacts: Injective Chain 10002-rc2 release

Following proposal #70

Version 10003-rc1

Thursday Dec 30th 2021

Block number: 6,159,200

Released Artifacts: Mainnet-10003-rc1-1640627705

Following proposal #93

Version 10004-rc1

Tuesday Jan 25th 2022

Block number: 7067700

Released Artifacts: Mainnet-10004-rc1-v1.4.0-1642928125

Following proposal #106

Version 10004-rc1-patch

Sunday Feb 20th 2022

Block number: 7941974

Released Artifacts: Mainnet-10004-rc1-v1.4.0-1645352045

Version 10005-rc1

Monday April 11th 2022

Block number: 9614200

Released Artifacts: Mainnet-v1.5.0-1649280277

Version 10006-rc1

Tuesday July 5th 2022

Block number: 12569420

Released Artifacts: Mainnet-v1.6.0-1656650662

Version 10007-rc1

Thursday September 1th 2022

Block number: 14731000

Released Artifacts: Mainnet-v1.7.0-1661881062

Version 10008

Monday November 21th 2022

Block number: 19761600

Released Artifacts: Mainnet-10008-1668679102