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Params is a module-wide configuration structure that stores system parameters and defines overall functioning of the auction module.

  • Params: Paramsspace("auction") -> legacy_amino(params)
type Params struct {
// auction_period_duration defines the auction period duration
AuctionPeriod int64
// min_next_bid_increment_rate defines the minimum increment rate for new bids
MinNextBidIncrementRate sdk.Dec


Keeps track of the current highest bid

  • LastBid: 0x01 -> ProtocolBuffer(Bid)
type Bid struct {
Bidder string
Amount sdk.Coin


The current auction round.

  • AuctionRound: 0x03 -> BigEndian(AuctionRound)


This value is compared against current block time to decide an auction round settlement. When the exported chain is imported again, the EndingTimeStamp will be updated to the next value in future.

  • EndingTimeStamp: 0x04 -> BigEndian(EndingTimestamp)