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In this section we describe the processing of the auction messages and the corresponding updates to the state.


An auction basket from a given round is bid upon by using the Msg/Bid service message.

// Bid defines a SDK message for placing a bid for an auction
message MsgBid {
option (gogoproto.equal) = false;
option (gogoproto.goproto_getters) = false;
string sender = 1;
// amount of the bid in INJ tokens
cosmos.base.v1beta1.Coin bid_amount = 2 [(gogoproto.nullable) = false];
// the current auction round being bid on
uint64 round = 3;

This service message is expected to fail if:

  • Round does not equal the current auction round
  • BidAmount does not exceed the previous highest bid amount by at least min_next_increment_rate percent.

This service message transfers the BidAmount of INJ from the Sender to the auction module, stores the bid, and refunds the last bidder's bid amount.