Sync from our snapshot

  1. By applying this snapshot, you trust Injective Labs provided blockchain history being genuine.
  2. You always have the option to sync your sentry from scratch via public sentries out there for better decentralization factor.

Step 1: Backup node credentials, keyring & clear local injectived data#

mkdir ~/injectived-backup/
cp -rf ~/.injectived/config ~/.injectived/keyring-file ~/injectived-backup/
rm -rf ~/.injectived/data/*

Step 2: Sync injectived snapshot from AWS bucket#

# login to arbitrary aws identity
aws configure
# sync from bucket
aws s3 sync --delete s3://injective-snapshots/mainnet/injectived/data ~/.injectived/data

Step 3: Restart your node#

# compare your injectived version against latest release
injectived version
# start your node from terminal
injectived start
# check if it's syncing from height > 2000000
curl localhost:26657/status | grep height

if everything works as expected, you just need to wait for some time to let your node catching up. Feel free to restart your node using systemd, docker or other background service solutions.

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