Prizes and Rewards

Validators can earn prizes in the Injective Equinox Staking Competition in the following ways

  1. Winning competition-wide awards
  2. Earning stage-specific performance/task completion rewards
  3. Earning mini-contest prizes
  4. Security bug bounties

Throughout the entirety of the competition, a total of 15,000 INJ will be distributed to validators in the form of rewards. More details regarding stage-specific tasks and mini-contests will be released upon the commencement of each stage. Details regarding the bug bounty program can be found on the Bug Bounty Program page.

Below are the details of the competition-wide awards as well as additional engagement prizes that validators can win as a result of their performance during the Equinox Staking Competition.

Competition-wide Awards#

Competition-wide awards will be granted to validators based off of their performance across all four stages. This is distinct from the rewards from individual stages or mini-contests.

Top Staker Awards#

The Top Staker awards will be awarded to the top 3 validators who have earned the greatest amount of INJ rewards.

  • 1st Place - 400 INJ
  • 2nd Place - 300 INJ
  • 3rd Place - 200 INJ

Most Delegates Award#

The Most Delegates awards will be awarded to the validators who have the greatest number of verified INJ delegators.

  • 1st Place - 800 INJ
  • 2nd Place - 600 INJ
  • 3rd Place - 400 INJ

Engagement Prizes#

While validators are subject to liveness slashing on the Injective Chain, we also implement liveness rewards for validators for their actions in real-life.

We hold our validators in very high regard for the vital role they play in the ecosystem. As such, we seek to encourage validators to actively participate in our community, sharing their deep technical expertise and imparting wisdom as vibrant members of the Injective Community.

In short, we want to see what it means for a validator to be truly alive 🦋 and will award prizes for doing so!

Team Player Prize#

  • MVP Award - 250 INJ for 1st Place
  • Honorable Mentions (3 winners) - 50 INJ

Team Player candidates will be evaluated based on whether an organization or individual has been proactively helpful to other validators and stakers during the Equinox Staking Competition. A holistic overview of the team player will be taken into consideration for this prize, which could be as simple as being the person who is always first to help answer any Validator-related questions in Discord or first to share useful knowledge with new stakers.

Community Content Prizes#

  • Galaxy Brain Thought Leader Award - 250 INJ for 1st Place
  • Big Brain Thought Leader Award - 200 INJ for 2nd Place
  • Thought Leader Award - 150 INJ for 3rd Place
  • Honorable Mentions (4 winners) - 75 INJ

Community Content can be something as simple as a blog post or more involved like a video tutorial. Ultimately, it should be something that is publicly shared. We are not looking for a ‘shill Injective’ post, rather something that is educational and beneficial for the Validator community, other Validators in general or even other stakers in general - just something that that revolves around the Equinox Staking Competition in some way.

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