Welcome aboard to Injective Protocol's inaugural Equinox Staking Competition! We are excited to have you join as genesis validators for Injective Protocol.

Competition Overview#

The Equinox Staking Competition will take place in four stages, with the final stage culminating in the launch of the Injective Mainnet.

During this public incentivized staking competition, validators will operate Injective Chain nodes, participate in governance, (optionally) host and provision exchange services, and attract real INJ stakers for staking.

StageDescriptionEstimated Duration
0Validator onboarding, initial node setup and preparation.2-4 weeks
1Validator staking begins. Validator testing and mini-contests.1-2 weeks
2Public bug bounty and network attacks. Optional validator exchange provision testing and preparation.2 weeks
3End-to-end protocol and exchange services launch. Mainnet preparation.2-4 weeks

Note that some of these stages will take place concurrently.

Competition Goals#

The paramount objective of the Equinox Staking competition is to secure and maximally decentralize the operation of the every component of the Injective Protocol prior to our launch of the official Injective mainnet.

In order to do so, during the competition, we aim to promulgate the real world operational knowledge of securely validating the Injective Chain and provisioning the associated end-to-end infrastructure components related to the servicing the application level of a fully decentralized exchange. In turn, we seek to leverage the deep technical expertise that professional validators as well as the greater community possess in bolstering the security of public blockchains.

Another major goal of the competition is to prepare the foundation for economic decentralization upon mainnet by decreasing the friction and knowledge gap for individuals to participate in the Injective network. Whereas our previous incentivized trading competition accomplished this goal on the application level, the staking competition allows our existing community of INJ token holders to do so on the protocol level through staking and governance.

The Equinox staking competition is unique in that validators will be able to serve real, existing mainnet INJ token holders for delegation, despite the competition being held on a testnet. This will provide validators the opportunity to directly build relationships with delegators who will also gain familiarity with the experience of staking with a service provider.

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