Validator FAQ

Injectived Node Setup Questions#

I set both seeds and persistent_peers to the same value. My node does not start properly.#

You must only set persistent_peers. If seeds and persistent_peers intersect, you will be warned that the seeds may auto-close their connections and that the node may not be able to keep the connection persistent.

My node frequently shuts down while syncing. How do I keep it running?#

You can setup a systemd service which auto-restarts syncing in case it stops. Using the following steps to set it up:

  1. Create the injectived service. Copy the below snippet to /etc/systemd/system/injectived.service.
ExecStart=bash -c 'injectived start'
  1. Use the below commands to start, stop, and restart the injectived service:
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl start injectived
sudo systemctl stop injectived
sudo systemctl restart injectived

My validator is stuck in the Unbonding status. How do I return it to Bonding?#

Use the following command to un-jail your validator: injectived tx slashing unjail --from {Your validator key name} --chain-id=injective-888 --keyring-backend=file --yes --node=tcp://localhost:26657 --gas-prices=500000000inj

When I use nohup injectived start to run a full node, I get this error: panic: $HOME is not defined.#

Try setting the $HOME variable in terminal. Ex. export HOME=/home/{username}.

How can I delete the existing setup to safely start over?#

Use the following command to wipe your injectived setup: rm -rf ~/.injectived.

Peggo Setup Questions#

Should I use the same key I used when transferring INJ, or will any Kovan wallet with some ETH work?#

Any Kovan wallet with some ETH on it.

When trying to register the ETH key, I am receiving this error: "insufficient cosmos key details provided". How do I resolve this?#

This error is thrown when at least one of PEGGO_COSMOS_PK or PEGGO_COSMOS_FROM is not set. If you are setting the PEGGO_COSMOS_FROM value, make sure to set it to the name of the key. Set one of these to be able to continue registering the ETH key.

What does PEGGO_ETH_FROM refer to?#

PEGGO_ETH_FROM refers to the Ethereum account address. Its counterpart is PEGGO_ETH_PK. You can leave it empty and peggo can infer address from provided PK, or enter it to make sure you don't mix one PK with another address.

I am using a blank PEGGO_COSMOS_FROM, but still getting error="failed to hex-decode cosmos account privkey: hex string without 0x prefix" when running peggo tx register-eth-key. What is the problem?#

Add 0x to the beginning of the private key. The private key should be stored in PEGGO_COSMOS_PK, and PEGGO_COSMOS_FROM should remain empty. To export validator private key, you can use this command: yes [passphrase] | injectived keys unsafe-export-eth-key [key-name].

How can I export the private key from the keystore file?#

Try the below commands to extract your private key from the keystore file.

# Install web3 CLI
curl -LSs | sh
# Export account
web3 account extract --keyfile [key-json-path] --password [passsword]

How can I delete the existing setup to safely start over?#

Use the following command to wipe your Peggo setup: rm -rf ~/.peggo

Node Maintenance Questions#

My node unexpectedly became unbonded. What are common reasons for this?#

Your validator node may be jailed/unbonded as a result of your bridge relayer failing to broadcast claims (deposits and withdrawals), confirm valset requests, or confirm batch requests. This is often a result of the bridge relayer not running. If you have having trouble keeping your bridge relayer running, we suggest running a systemd service which performs health checks and restarts automatically as needed.

Another reason for unbonding may be that your infura limit has been exceeded. In this case, we recommend for you to setup your own kovan geth node as explained here.

How long can the validator node run without the bridge relayer having been setup or running?#

Your validator node can run for about 13 hours without the bridge relayer before it gets slashed and put into the Jail state.

How can I check if my bridge relayer is running and properly broadcasting claims (deposits and withdrawals)?#

Change the log level to debug in your peggo env file and check of deposits are broadcasted or not. If everything is running properly, you should see messages such as "Oracle observed a deposit" and "Oracle observed a withdraw batch" in the logs.

My Peggo is reporting the following message: "... is smaller than 88529000000000inj: insufficient funds: insufficient funds". How do I resolve this message?#

This message shows when you do not have enough INJ balance on Injective Chain to pay for gas fees. Please add some balance per the steps here. If you fail to add balance, you will be slashed and moved to the Jail state.

Staking Dashboard Interface Questions#

Where can I transfer mainnet Ethereum INJ to Kovan?#

Where can I find the wallet interface?#

General Competition Questions#

Is the validator staking competition open to everyone?#

No, the validator staking is only open to the pre-approved validators.

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