Deposit INJ into Injective Chain

Pre-stake your INJ Tokens#


Pre-staking has now ended! You can now stake your INJ on the mainnet here.

The below instructions are deprecated and exist here solely for archival informational purposes.

Pre-staking locks your INJ for 7 days. If you choose to withdraw your tokens before the staking competition is completed, you will not be eligible to receive any rewards.

Staking allows INJ holders to delegate their tokens to active validators and share part of the rewards obtained by the validator as a part of the Proof of Stake consensus. Specifically, It allows native token holders to take part in the consensus process without running a validator themselves.

The first step to staking your INJ on the Equinox testnet is to pre-stake your INJ on Ethereum. During this step, your INJ tokens will be locked on Ethereum for 7 days and you will receive an equivalent amount of INJ tokens on the Kovan Ethereum testnet which you can then transfer to the Injective Chain.

Click Stake from the header.


Approve Transfer of Your ERC-20 INJ Tokens#

Click the unlock button on the Stake page to approve transfer of your INJ tokens by our deposit manager smart contract.


Metamask will open asking you to approve the transaction. Click Confirm.



Depending on how much gas you submitted with the transaction and the current load on the Ethereum network, your transaction may either complete quickly or take several minutes. If you run into an issue with the approval process taking very long, you may want to try refreshing the page or consider speeding up the transaction by paying more gas.

Transfer INJ from Ethereum Mainnet to Kovan (Ethereum Testnet)#

Once the transaction is completed on Ethereum, the Pre-stake page will display a form where you can enter the amount of your ERC20 INJ tokens you would like to pre-stake.


Enter the amount for your pre-stake and click the Pre-Stake button.


A modal will appear to confirm your pre-stake. Please note the message about the lock schedule, and then click the Pre-Stake button to confirm.


Metamask will open asking you to approve the transaction. Click Confirm.


Once your transaction is completed on Ethereum with enough confirmations, this amount will be reflected on the Pre-stake page under Total Pre-staked INJ. The amount should take about 2 minutes to appear.


Deposit KINJ from Kovan into Injective Chain#

The next steps involve transferring your KINJ to the Injective Chain through the Injective to Ethereum bidirectional ERC-20 Bridge. To save on gas costs, all INJ pre-stakers are airdropped the equivalent amount of Kovan INJ on the Kovan Ethereum testnet.

After your pre-stake is complete, your Kovan INJ Balance will be updated and you will be able to transfer your Kovan INJ to the Injective Chain.

Confirm Kovan (Pre-staked) Balance#

From the top menu bar, click on Wallet to open the wallet page.


Open Metamask and connect to the Kovan network from the dropdown as shown below. Refresh the page after you switch.


Under My Balances you should be able to see how many INJ tokens you have in your wallet on three networks: Mainnet (Ethereum Network), Kovan (Ethereum Testnet), and on Injective Chain (Equinox Injective Testnet). The Kovan balance should reflect your pre-staked token amount from the previous section.


Approve Transfer of Your KINJ (Kovan INJ) Tokens#

Before you can fully transfer your INJ tokens to Injective, you will have to approve the transfer of your Kovan INJ (KINJ) tokens by our smart contract on Kovan. Under the Transfer section, click the lock icon to initiate the approval/unlock process.


This will open a transaction request in metamask. Confirm the transaction request to approve the transfer.


Once your approval is confirmed, you will see a Token Unlocked notification appear at the bottom right of the page. You will now be able to transfer your KINJ (Kovan INJ) tokens to Injective Chain.

Transfer KINJ from Kovan to Injective Network#

Enter the amount of KINJ tokens you would like to send from Kovan to Injective Chain and then click Transfer. This will open a transaction confirmation in metamask. Once again, we have supplied you with the necessary Kovan ETH to cover the gas fee. Click Confirm.


Once your transaction is confirmed on Kovan, you should see a Successfully Transferred notification appear in the bottom right of your screen. Your balances under My Balances should update to reflect your transfer between networks.


You are now ready to start staking!

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