Staking Rewards

The Equinox staking competition is unique in that despite this being a testnet, you as an INJ holder will be able to safely use your real INJ for staking!

Delegator Rewards#

Delegator rewards will consist of a baseline APY and APY boosts.

Baseline APY#

Earning the baseline APY (15%) requires delegators to complete the following tasks:

APY Boosts#

APY boosts can be earned through completing the following tasks:

Claim and Re-stake rewards (+0.5% APY Boost)#

Rewards are not going to be automatically staked, so you must take some time to re-stake your rewards.

First, you need to claim your rewards. After claiming your rewards, they will be added to your INJ balance. Then, you need to stake your rewards (or a portion of it, its up to you) to a validator to get this boost.

Please note that claiming and re-staking must ALL be done in order to get this 0.5% APY boost.

Re-delegate (+0.5% APY Boost)#

This means re-delegating INJ to a different validator. You can choose to re-delegate any amount (or whole amount) from your existing delegations.

Participate in 2+ Governance votes (+2% APY Boost)#

Injective will be governed via a DAO structure. During the Equinox staking process we will carry out some governance votes such as new listings. Participating in these voting processes will be a critical component of Injective moving forward.

Propose a new market for listing (+3% APY Boost)#

New listing proposals will come from the community. New proposals will need specifications of all market parameters and rationalizations behind the parameters you chose. For this testnet process, determining whether a proposal is sufficient will depend on the judgement of the Injective team.

Further details on how market proposals operate will be released soon as well.

Have a proposed market successfully listed (+5% APY Boost)#

After you create a successful proposal, the community will be able to vote on whether they wish to list that market. This APY boost is earned after you successfully win the voting process.

Special Epic tasks (+3% APY Boost)#

Throughout the Equinox Staking testnet, we will hold some special tasks to further test the network. This can include aspects such as finding bugs or taking part in new optimizations.

Surprise Token Drops#

We will be collaborating with a number of top-tier crypto projects in order to carry out surprise token drops. At several random times throughout the duration of Equinox staking, we will be carrying out a surprise token drop to individuals who are delegating to a specific validator.

So let's assume that there are 100 users delegating to validator A. If validator A is selected to receive a surprise ETH drop worth $1,000 then each of the 100 users delegating to validator A will receive a portion of the $1,000 in ETH based on the proportion of the total delegation pool. So, a user delegating 20 INJ will receive 2X the amount of ETH that a user delegating 10 ETH would receive.

In order to ensure that you are able to receive at least one of these surprise drops, we recommend that you delegate a portion of your tokens to each validator. For instance, if you have 100 INJ, you could delegate 10 INJ to every single validator (assuming that there are 10 validators in this scenario).

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