Welcome aboard to Injective Protocol's inaugural Equinox Staking Competition! We are excited to have you join as stakers on Equinox.


The paramount objective of the Equinox Staking competition is to secure and maximally decentralize the operation of the every component of the Injective Protocol prior to our launch of the official Injective mainnet. To this end, stakers will play a vital role in the Injective network through participating in actions such as delegation and governance.

Whereas the past Solstice trading competition sought to familiarize the Injective community with our derivatives exchange protocol, the aim for the Equinox staking competition is to decrease the friction and knowledge gap for individuals to readily participate in the full scope of the Injective network upon mainnet launch. In our view, in order to maximally promote decentralization, our incentivized staking program should not just be exclusive to a select group of validators, but should rather be open for the greater community to actively participate in.

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