Validator Staking

For Injective Protocol, any participant can qualify to become an Injective validator by running a full-node and staking INJ tokens. Validators participating in consensus for Injective earn block rewards and transaction fees.

Validators have two addresses:

  1. owner address: This address is from the validator who handles admin-related functionalities like un-stake, taking rewards, and setting delegation params.
  2. signer address : This address belongs to the validator who signs checkpoints and runs the node.


Stake is measured in INJ tokens, the native token of the Injective Chain.

  • Full nodes with staked INJ qualify as validators.
  • Validators can receive delegations of stake from delegators.
  • Updates to the active set of validator nodes occur during state trasitions at the end of each block, otherwise known as an end-block.
    • Validators are sorted from highest to lowest staked INJ.
    • The top MaxValidators amount of validators are determined for inclusion in the active set for the next block.


Unstaking allows validators to exit the active set of validators, but to ensure Good Participation their stake is locked for the next 7 days.

  • When the validator wants to exit from the system and stop validating blocks and submitting checkpoints they can unstake.
  • This action is immediate as of the method call.
  • After this action the validator is considered out of the active set of validators.


  • Validators can add more stake into their amount in order to earn more rewards and be competitive for their validator place.
  • Maintain your position in the active set.
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