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Future Improvements

The current documentation only describes the minimum viable product for the governance module. Future improvements may include:

  • BountyProposals: If accepted, a BountyProposal creates an open bounty. The BountyProposal specifies how many Atoms will be given upon completion. These Atoms will be taken from the reserve pool. After a BountyProposal is accepted by governance, anybody can submit a SoftwareUpgradeProposal with the code to claim the bounty. Note that once a BountyProposal is accepted, the corresponding funds in the reserve pool are locked so that payment can always be honored. In order to link a SoftwareUpgradeProposal to an open bounty, the submitter of the SoftwareUpgradeProposal will use the Proposal.LinkedProposal attribute. If a SoftwareUpgradeProposal linked to an open bounty is accepted by governance, the funds that were reserved are automatically transferred to the submitter.
  • Complex delegation: Delegators could choose other representatives than their validators. Ultimately, the chain of representatives would always end up to a validator, but delegators could inherit the vote of their chosen representative before they inherit the vote of their validator. In other words, they would only inherit the vote of their validator if their other appointed representative did not vote.
  • Better process for proposal review: There would be two parts to proposal.Deposit, one for anti-spam (same as in MVP) and an other one to reward third party auditors.