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All globally tracked parameters for distribution are stored within FeePool. Rewards are collected and added to the reward pool and distributed to validators/delegators from here.

Note that the reward pool holds decimal coins (DecCoins) to allow for fractions of coins to be received from operations like inflation. When coins are distributed from the pool they are truncated back to sdk.Coins which are non-decimal.

  • FeePool: 0x00 -> ProtocolBuffer(FeePool)
// coins with decimal
type DecCoins []DecCoin

type DecCoin struct {
Amount sdk.Dec
Denom string


Validator Distribution

Validator distribution information for the relevant validator is updated each time:

  1. delegation amount to a validator is updated,
  2. a validator successfully proposes a block and receives a reward,
  3. any delegator withdraws from a validator, or
  4. the validator withdraws its commission.
  • ValidatorDistInfo: 0x02 | ValOperatorAddrLen (1 byte) | ValOperatorAddr -> ProtocolBuffer(validatorDistribution)
type ValidatorDistInfo struct {
OperatorAddress sdk.AccAddress
SelfBondRewards sdk.DecCoins
ValidatorCommission types.ValidatorAccumulatedCommission

Delegation Distribution

Each delegation distribution only needs to record the height at which it last withdrew fees. Because a delegation must withdraw fees each time it's properties change (aka bonded tokens etc.) its properties will remain constant and the delegator's accumulation factor can be calculated passively knowing only the height of the last withdrawal and its current properties.

  • DelegationDistInfo: 0x02 | DelegatorAddrLen (1 byte) | DelegatorAddr | ValOperatorAddrLen (1 byte) | ValOperatorAddr -> ProtocolBuffer(delegatorDist)
type DelegationDistInfo struct {
WithdrawalHeight int64 // last time this delegation withdrew rewards